Wisconsin Good Samaritan Act
for Members of National Ski Patrol

895.482 Civil liability exemption; ski patrol members.

(1)   In this section:

(a)   “Compensation” means wages, salary, commission or bonuses paid for services rendered, but does not include the provision, at a discounted price or without charge, of food, beverages, clothing, passes or other incidental benefits to ski patrol members.

(b)   “Ski patrol member” means a registered member of the national ski patrol who serves in that capacity without compensation.

(2)   Except as provided in sub. (3), a ski patrol member is immune from civil liability for his or her acts or omissions while he or she is acting in his or her capacity as a ski patrol member, including the rendering of emergency care.

(3)   The immunity under this section does not apply if the act or omission of the ski patrol member involves reckless, wanton or intentional misconduct.

History:      1991 a. 318.